Joining the Movement

May 9, 2019

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."  Benjamin Franklin

Of course, no one person possesses ALL knowledge.  However, when we have knowledge about a certain truth that brings harm to animals, children, and our land, we have a responsibility to point that out and to try to make a difference. This is the "good ground" that our company, SUDEVTEK was built upon.  As you read this article I implore you to call upon your deep rooted truth monitor by seeking to find the pure truth and reject the not-so-pure truth. As we are aware, proper discernment comes from seeking knowledge.

One of the major problems today in discerning truth, is that "truth" has become subjective and "truth" depends on how the end result or action of that "truth" can benefit self.  Many have become selfish to the point that the "truth" has been watered down, muddied, or even down right reversed.

There are movements that have been started on "good ground" and there are movements that have been started on "bad ground."  I am of the opinion that, eventually, the latter will always fall.  I admit, I am an optimist.  I know that good wins in the end, but it is during the "good fight" for truth that all manner of negativity and hardship strikes those who proclaim it.  It is the price we pay for choosing the "right way."

There has been much recent banter between those who believe in global warming and those who believe in a coming mini-ice age.  I personally believe this is a distraction to what is really important and that is the ecological damage that we are doing to our bio-sphere through man made chemicals and pollution.

The use (and overuse) of petro-chemicals (as well as other chemical poisons and nuclear reactor radiation) is the main problem we face as a species, in our opinion going forward, not climate change.  While climate change may be an issue (either global warming or cooling), it pales in comparison to the ecological damage we are doing to the soil, water, plants and animals (including us) on earth.

If we, as a species don't act fast, we risk tilting our carefully balanced eco-sphere into a mass extinction event in the not too distant future.  It is already happening.  The movement has to begin from the bottom up.  It begins with you and me.  It begins with a change in the way we think and the way we eat.  It begins with the way we spend our money and resources.

Harvest Gold (our natural plant cell catalyst) and HDMR's (our water energizers) are only a tip of the spear in solving the problems we face, but at least it is a beginning solution.  Idealism without practicality is vanity.  We have the science and economic means to start the process, but we tend to get caught up in divisive left/right issues instead of coming together to solve the problem as a whole.

Our vision is one that brings harmony back to the planet.  We need healthy food for our bodies and our children's bodies, not empty calories, toxic poisons and added hormones.  We wonder why we are so sick, dying of heart disease and cancer and most of the time it comes down to what we are eating, breathing, and drinking.

Fix the problem for ourselves and we fix it for the entire planet in the process.  It takes a conscience effort to change the way we do things.  Are you willing to make a change?  Are you willing to begin the transition process?  Are you willing to make a difference?

This link has many scientific links regarding the dangers of glyphosates (Round-Up): They include endocrine malfunctions, killing of beneficial bacteria in the soil and gut, killing of honey bees, cancers, and birth defects. It also exposes Monsanto's control of our EPA, which still to this day tells us Round-Up is safe despite the worldwide growing evidence against that claim.

Let's get back to "good ground" in the way we do farming and landscaping.

Brad Gudgeon

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